When people start moving away from you every time you take off your shoes and flippantly asking ‘what’s the cause of the fetid air’, it’s time to pause and be more self-aware, and by being more self-aware, I mean consider how best to give your feet a breather.
Feet have sweat glands and most people do not know that in normal situations, the human feet put out more than 1⁄2 cup of sweat per day? I believe that with the Nigerian atmosphere that is humid 80 percent of the time, that measurement would probably be more. Sweating is absolutely normal but what is not okay are the microorganisms that can reproduce thereby causing bad smell and skin fungus. This is where AFA Slides comes in – to help your feet breathe by keeping away from shoes for extended periods in warm conditions.

It has been designed with plush cushioned padding and comfortable footbed that conforms to your feet to provide support and absorb impact either for a soft or tough landing, and a bandage upper to give a good fit and protect your instep.
Versatile as it is, it can fit every personality type and conforms to every style from street-fashion to high-end. It has also been made very affordable to accommodate the uber rich and middle class alike.

When to wear


AFA Slides is a summer essential but has been built to fit into your casual spring and early fall styles. This means that whether you are the king/queen of setting footwear trends or a late bloomer, whenever you decide to rock AFA Slides, you will without a doubt still look chic and funky.

On the go

We made the sliders comfortable for everyday ease. Whether you are grocery shopping, taking a walk around the neighbourhood or just strolling by the seaside, you can wear it all day long without a sense of irritation or pain.

For travels

A fashion-conscious yet self-aware traveler would know that Slides are one of the necessary walking footwears for a packed itinerary and AFA Slides is an OK pair that stands out due to its versatility. It is a great option for a traveler who intends to pack less and move effortlessly for the duration of the trip.

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