“I am sitting here wondering what I wore before the discovery of AFA Flow and honest to God I can’t remember”

The above has probably been read a zillion times and each time the feeling of satisfaction settles in our hearts. Few days ago, that review was sent in by a satisfied customer. It is not a newsflash that we often receive such reviews, but getting it after three years of purchase was the wow factor.

I read somewhere that there are only two types of shoes that a person ever needs to own; the type that you turn to over and over, occasion after occasion and the type that are utterly thrilling in their beauty, embellishment or flat-out trendiness that sometimes it just makes you happy to stare at them in your closet. While this is true, it is however an incomplete list, there is the third type - the one that possesses the features of both aforementioned types– talking about the AFA FLOW.

The Flow was designed for two purposes:

  1. To last you a looong time

There are people who can only own one pair of shoes at a time either for financial reasons or because one pair serves them just fine. People like this who would prefer to invest in a multipurpose shoe would expect that it is durable and able to stand the test of time.  

With the following features, the Flow fits into this category:

Ribbed sole – This is not the kind of kicks that wither away after four wears. It’s been generously padded with the kind of properties that are able to withstand both rugged and smooth terrains and cushioning with midsole and insole foam to feel soft against your feet for maximum comfort.

Breathable mesh – Nothing kills a shoe faster than a green cloud of moisture even when it’s not being worn. And what makes the shoe damp is sweaty feet which is often because the feet is not getting enough air. The Flow was designed with an upper mesh for a cushioned embrace and breathability which by implication prolongs its durability.

  1. To complement your style

No, you are not unreasonable for wanting a shoe that could transcend casual, beachside scenarios and make their way into dressier situations, like going to the office. Because the Flow goes with any kind of flow, it fits any purpose when paired with the right outfit.

These features make it the perfect kicks to suit your fashion sense:

Beautiful colourways – Is there a colour that cannot be paired with red or black? If you know any, kindly indicate in the comment section, because for all I know, these are not just versatile, they are also colours that speak class and sophistication. It is difficult not to be noticed when your feet are having the time of their life in either black or red Flow.

Quick lace – There is no telling the kind of struggle and frustration that comes from having to loop your shoe lace through so many holes especially when in a hurry. No matter how patient you can be, it always gets to that ‘I’ve had enough’ stage that eventually makes you fling the shoe aside and replace with flipflops (sigh). But with just the right number of loops on the Flow, you can be done lacing up before anyone says Jack Robinson.

Outer elastic band – The first and perhaps only reason for having lace on shoe is for adjustment to size and support. But for most people, no matter how well they tie and secure the strings, they always end up lacing and relacing and never able to prevent heel slippage which no doubt can be a herculean task. To ease this burden, we added an elastic band to provide a snug fit and help hold the feet in place even when unlaced.

Lightweight - Nothing compares to the lightweight of a shoe as nobody wants to go through the burden of pulling their own weight, the weight of their bags and the weight of their shoes too, that would be absurd. The Flow is as light as the hat on your head that is why you can comfortably wear it all day and not feel the slightest discomfort.

Versatility - Best of all, the Flow can be paired with anything. I mean ANYTHING. Hence, it’s okay to show up looking nonchalantly cool in a matching vintage piece, trousers and a slouchy button-down, T-shirt and jean or Downtown shorts, matching African piece, tracks or joggers, as long as you are pairing with AFA Flow.

You could say it is not a coincident that the shoe is called ‘Flow’ because truth is, it has been designed to go with your flow anywhere and anytime.