When we launched the Afrileisure line it was so you can stay ahead of your fashion curve with African traditional concepts modernized in the Athleisure and Sports environment. Of all our collections, the unique products associated with this line remain among the most loved and patronized. They are also without a doubt very comfortable and versatile products.

So, if you are wondering how you can stay in touch with your roots through fashion, shopping these Afrileisure products may be a good way to start.

Jalamia Track

The Jalamia Track is a classic casual that draws meaning and significance from the past but fits into your present. The style first resonated with Africans as a traditional Islamic attire worn mostly on celebratory occasions.

By transforming its aesthetics and reviving its historic design, we defined herein the characteristics of an “AFA Classic”.

To create this master piece, we combined the elements of unique fabric, distinctive design and modern technique.

The Jalamia Track is an easy option on the days you want to look thoughtful yet effortless.

Kaftan Tee

T-shirt since its history has been a wardrobe staple that is appropriate for nearly every occasion, and the most indispensable item in the wardrobe, because even if you spend your work or party days in suit and dresses, you still come back to the Tees for frisky events or just to lounge at home.

This is why we evolved the popular Kaftan design into an enlightened new look. We adapted the features to the changes of fashion so that offers versatility to suit your gym, play and lounge activities.

Created from scuba and cotton fabrics, It is supple enough to accommodate your physique and snug enough to provide a nice fit for your body regardless of shape and size.

This is Ours Kaftan Tee

Our brand slogan ‘This is Ours’ is succinct portrayal of the personalized form and feel that our products offer to the wearer. We made a variant of the Kaftan Tee to reflect the proclamation that the brand and its products is for all Africans. Celebrities were the first to spot this emblematic piece and it has since become a sought-after essential that belongs at the centre of a wardrobe.

Here is a breakdown of the texts and their meaning:

Sports Hijab

The popular hijab was reinvented with a sports twist to it. Designed to specifically increase performance and style, it has become a modern gym and lifestyle product.

The product is made with our Humid-resist-fabric which is very soft and breathable to guarantee maximum comfort. It is available in small, medium and large sizes; perfect for any weather and trusted to resist fading in every season of fashion. 

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