If you are the kind of person who would choose a pair of shoes over slides, then you would agree that nobody wants to put their legs in shoes that offer no comfort and weighs about four pounds. Lightweight shoes are often appreciated over shoes that are several ounces heavier and this is not just by athletes, professionals in blue- and white-collar settings have also proven to find comfort in them.

As a runner, the weight of your training shoes can play a huge role on your efficiency because the forces that shoot up the body in motion is considerably more with a heel-striking gait in heavier shoe than it is with a lightweight shoe.

Likewise, as an office goer, you do not want to take off your shoes half way through your work hours because it is discomforting. You would rather prefer a pair of quality shoes that provide maximum comfort for long hours wear. This is why AFA Breeze is a cynosure amongst sneakerheads. Weighing about 10.5 ounces, it is often easy for the wearer to forget that they have shoes on.  

Notable Facts About the Breeze

Accommodates flat feet - First of all, the inspiration for the design and production of Breeze stemmed from the discovery that there are more Africans with flat feet than high arc. The Breeze was created to accommodate the large demography with flat feet, to ameliorate pain and fatigue of their muscles and balance their body weight.

Breathable membranes – The well-ventilated surface from wickable mesh fabric guarantees maximum air circulation which automatically translates to easy walk experience as against the sweaty and dirty feeling your feet get from being locked in an air-tight pair of shoes.

Slip-on – Slip-on shoes are ideally preferred to lace-ups for the obvious reasons of comfort and style. The Breeze provides comfort not just because it has soft interiors or let your feet breathe, but because it is easy to slip on and take off when you get the urge to let your toes stretch for a bit. It also offers the peace of mind of not constantly checking to ensure the laces are in place.

Natural running gait – Heavy weight shoes have been proven to encourage a heavy heel-striking gait and causes a variety of overuse injuries. However, with the Breeze which has very low heel-toe slope, whether you are running three kilometers or ten thousand miles, the foot hits the ground very lightly thereby honing an already good form.