The LIV, is Africa’s own-inspired creation which celebrates the rich history, unity and modern architecture of Africa. Through the understanding of a common upbeat energy and attitude about the continent, AFA Sports incorporated fifty-four countries through their flags laced into one design and created something that can be worn with pride in every season of fashion.

Produced in hoodies and tracksuits, it offers a designer rendition in a zingy pop of colors which is a reverence to pedigrees and nature. The flag ensemble runs from the shoulder of the top to the sides of the bottom.


Riding on the wheel of tracksuits becoming essential in more directional wardrobes across the globe, the LIV made with the best quality polyester fabric is a much more This traditional tracksuit was made in the spirit of patriotism

AFA Sports kept wearers on the track of self-expression with the tracksuits which come in a range of fits and colors from classic grey to bright red, yellow and down to bold black.

In paying homage to their roots, the Nigeria National Women’s Basketball team, D’Tigress, adopted this retro look as part of their ceremonial wear since 2017.

Similarly, Nigerian celebrities like Rudeboy who are carrying the flag for tracksuits, have favored the LIV tracks as evidenced in his photo collection on Instagram.

Styling note:

The LIV can be worn in different ways for different occasions to make different fashion statements. Since no rule says you have to wear a full suit, you can match it up or substitute one piece with other kinds of clothing to exude a smart, chic, sassy or just casual look. So, if you had to appear smart, you could slip only the trousers on, tuck in a shirt and pull on a nice coat or blazer. If you needed the off-duty look, all you need to add to this classic two-piece is a pair of nice sneakers or heels and you are good to go.