Some say there is one shoe for every outfit. Wrong! This is not the post-classical era. These days, you are what you wear. So you are a styling rut who finally decided it was time to give the boring flip flops and sandals a miss. You have gotten yourself one of the Kubwa products but wondering how to match this pair of shoes with the other contents from your wardrobe and end up not looking bleh? Well it is a good thing you are reading this because what you are getting afterwards is a complete makeover.
First, you need to understand that whether you are wearing the Kubwa Bloom, Kubwa Salt, Kubwa Nile or Kubwa Earth, it is the new millennium and style has embraced sneakers so now you can show up anywhere from the streets to the red carpet wearing these lifestyle shoes.
Also, it is perhaps safe to say that if your intention is to make Kubwa the cynosure in your wardrobe, you may have made one of the best fashion investments because you are just going to keep wearing it for years until you decide it’s time for a breather.
So, to ensure you’re squared away with a new pair of Kubwa and an amazing outfit henceforth, we’ve rounded up some new ways to slay.
Kubwa with denim
We know this has been the usual ensemble and you can never go wrong in a blue, black or white denim counterbalanced with any of the Kubwa products. While this is a casual appearance and only for casual events, it blends with any class of attendees; high, middle or low class and it is impossible to feel out of place.
Kubwa with bodycon dress
Check you out miss! With that body hugging short dress and a pair of Kubwa salt gracing your feet, you will definitely arrest the attention of many. Today, celebrity style icons and corporate executives are steadily falling in line with this revolutionary fashion style. The goal of this casual appearance is to feel comfortable while looking effortlessly classy and cool.
Kubwa with African print
Whether you are a mister or a miss, you are hereby ordered to brazenly substitute that Oxford, loafers, moccasins, Kitten heels, Stilettos, Scarpin, Ballerina Flats or the good ole Slippers with the Kubwa Earth matched with a well-tailored native dress and be the person that the world is happy to look at. The best part is that with your flamboyant façade, you could attend either formal or casual event and still be in the right. 
Kubwa with tracksuits
After the denim, this is the next casual clothing that was naturally made for sneakers. Any of the Kubwa series would effortlessly blend with these. Celebrity icons were first to start appearing at events in tracks. The ‘badass’ aura they exuded was all we needed to conclude that the lines between normal street clothes, gym clothes and party attires have blurred for good.
Kubwa with suit
There was a time that this would have been considered dowdy. With change in times came change in fashion train. Now, you can proudly turn up at that formal event in a two or three-piece suit matched with a turtleneck shirt and any of the Kubwa series.