Running has naturally been regarded as active leisure with important components of healthy behavior. Running is not just the basic movement from one end to another. Several other sports like basketball, football, baseball amongst others, involve running. For the majority who engage, it is already a daunting task to get up and get out, but when this is done clad in the wrong outfit, it becomes a continuous struggle between finding the right motivation to stay on the tracks and getting the required outcome. Here then is the time to retire the passé trend and boost your workout wardrobe with the Downtown Short created with athletic and aesthetic features.
No! this is not an article about fashion and the plan is not for you to look like a supermodel while pounding away by the roadside or on a treadmill. But hey! It is not a funeral, clothes motivate and like it or not, eyes will see no matter how many pairs, so why opt for rag when you can look rad and still hit your goal?
To key into your performance and casual lifestyle, we created the Downtown Short with the most comfortable and flashy features. Below are some of the features of the Downtown Short that can motivate your workout and help you stay true to your cause.
Casual look, high performance: As a true essential in a runner’s kit collection, the Downtown Short offers more than just its flamboyant façade. When the goal is to look and feel unstoppable, its high-performance quality gives you protection and not restriction.
Weather friendly fabric: On hot weather runs, the tendency to retain sweat is little to none as its high-tech cotton fabric will wick sweat away from your body with incorporated vents to increase breathability, and when the weather is cold, the fleece lined interior will help you keep dry and warm. It is designed to move with your body, seamed to enhance movement and constructed to prevent chafing.
Attractive colour: Whether you are a successful marathon finisher or an inexperienced runner, one thing to note is that no matter how much of a workout addict you are, there will be days when your inner rival targets the perfect excuse why you shouldn’t run. On such days, the motivation you seek might come from the vibrant neon colour. Also, when running before dawn or after dark, the glamorous colour helps you stay seen.
Guaranteed comfort: Whether you choose to layer it up with a leggings or pair with a sleeveless tee or half sleeve tee, what you get is added adaptability. The Downtown Short is also perfect for lounging around the house after a run.