The legs are often the neglected part of the body for those who work out. More often than not, focus is to sculpt the waistline and abs and sometimes the arms. With half the world’s population aiming to peel off unwanted pounds and improve their health status, it has become pertinent to pay close attention to every part of the body as every part is important.
This is where the split pose comes in. Wondering if you can split? The answer is yes.  It may seem like an impossible exercise especially for someone who is yet to build up a regular exercise routine. Well of course, it is not a piece of cake and may in fact be one of the most challenging and physically demanding moves one could ever do, but when you set your mind to it and have the right outfits, the rest is easy.
Split pose is not like your regular yoga postures. Since it engages major muscle groups and increases cardiovascular load for a symmetrical and balanced physic, it requires stretching and strengthening of major muscles including flexors and hamstrings.
AFA Sports developed the Power Flex to accommodate the serious opening, thrusts, deadlifts and calf raises in both the hamstrings and the quadriceps. This pair comprising a sports crop and high-waist airlift leggings is themed around feel and function so that while you are working your hip to a roughly parallel squat, rotating your backfoot or angling your toes at about 45 degrees, your legs will be getting the stretch of a lifetime.
This is indeed a high-impact workout but it is not limited to a certain type of people. You too can do the split pose, but first, let’s help you flex your power in the right workout clothes – the Power Flex – because you do not want to add extra stress or unexpected pain and injury to an already overstretched body.