Funny how people joke about getting socks for Christmas only to end up wishing at some point in their lives that they had a really great pair.

If you are an athlete or have tried to do a hard workout, you would understand that wearing the wrong pair of socks during fitness or sporting activities can leave you frustrated and your feet unprotected. When maintaining healthy foot care, the selection of appropriate socks is an important consideration as it is when choosing the right clothes. As the body ages, wearing the right socks with the right shoes can prevent many problems relating to your feet.

But just like the confusion and indecision with choosing every pair of clothing, shopping for the perfect pair of socks can be a herculean task especially if you are not sure of what to look out for. To help you out, we’ve highlighted below the features of our Player socks which besides giving your feet a colourful and beautiful look, also serves functional purposes with the ultimate goal to support your whole feet and ameliorate your fitness life.

Snug fit

Imagine your socks slipping off of your heels while running or engrossed in a workout session. There is no telling the frustration or exasperation that you would feel. Socks that are too roomy have also been known to cause blistered feet. An extra layer of fabric at the top of the Player sock offers a snug fit so that whether you are cycling or weight-lifting you are rest assured that they would remain in place for the duration.

Moisture wicking property

It is okay to have sweaty feet, what’s not okay is having to move about in wet socks. The built-in blend of wool and cotton, helps to keep the feet dry and provide insulation as you go

Perfect for winter

Whether it is 0 degrees outside, a pair of the Player socks will keep you warm and cozy all day on the slopes.

Abrasion resistance

The Player socks will help prevent your feet from cracking, keep it soft and ease chaffing between your feet and training shoes.  

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