How does one manage to look pulled together while wearing as little as possible?

You are probably wondering about the above since it is that time of the year again when temperatures are rising and people are looking to shed winter layers and try to stay cool. Not many are comfortable with exposing body parts but perhaps when faced with the options of soaking up heat in thick and long garments under the sweltering heat of summer or keeping cool in simple tailored styles that offer maximum comfortable without all the extra fabric, you'd realise that your body cannot forgive you if you do not choose the latter.

However, it is one thing to want comfort and another to know the right fabrics that would help you achieve the goal. Since more often than not, many have ended up with the wrong clothes which makes having that cool summer difficult, we have penned a few things to note with suggestions from our essential summer collection.

Start with the right fabric

Choosing the right outfit transcends the cloth itself to the fabric and essential properties. It is not advisable to run in the sun for instance wearing something made of cotton because you would sooner get drenched in sweat than achieve the desired result. A sweat-wicking fabric like our Humid-resist-fabric would best offer comfort, protection from the sun and eliminate chaffing.

Consider tank or crop tops

No doubt, most prefer long-sleeved tops even during workouts. However, sleeveless tops, short cut tops or quick-drying short tees are more appropriate in summer as they increase the chance of breathability which ultimately leads to comfort.

Wear breathable shoes/slides

Summer is hot enough, don’t make it worse by stuffing your feet in boots and weather-proofed shoes as though they are being baked in oven. This is a time to put those heavy shoes away and pull out some lightweight sneakers or better still sliders. Shoes like the Breeze is more ideal as with its mesh covering, your feet have room to breathe and feel fresh. The key design element of the Breeze is its unique built to accommodate flat feet. So, there’s no worry about choosing the right shoes for your kind of feet because the Breeze has got you covered.

Substitute tracks with shorts

Shorts are no longer considered a weekend-only staple as even a summer wardrobe is incomplete without at least a pair. For a casual stroll or just to lounge, everyone regardless of gender ought to embrace a more relaxed style with our Sweat Short or Downtown Short. For fitness enthusiasts, our Mesh Running Short featuring the Humid-resist-fabric stylized with mesh, is the perfect gear.

Caps and headbands

Caps provide your eyes protection from the scorching sun. A basic cap like our Trucker Hats with cotton construction, panelled crown, eyelet vents, embroidered logo, curved and flat peak, adjustable strap and perfect fit is a must-have this summer. Also, our headbands can soak up sweat and help keep hair out of your face.

Ankle socks

Some say socks are extra clothes on the body that are not needed during sunny days but wearing socks during summer keeps the feet odour-free. Also, wearing shoes without socks often results in blisters and lesions. Consider shopping our Ankle Player Socks to keep your feet protected while letting more air into your shoes.

It is not just summer, it should be fun too. Check out our collection of summer essentials.