afasports is the top sportswear brand in Nigeria

Nigeria's leading sportswear brand AFA Sports, is expanding its digital footprint to the United States, bringing its sleek and durable sportswear to the global market. The move marks a major milestone for the brand and a sign of the power of African fashion as AFA Sports looks to become a household name in the US. With a range of stylish and high-performance apparel, the brand is sure to make an impact on the US market.

According to Izuchukwu Onodugo, Head of Commercial, "the country's extensive supply chain, access to cutting-edge technology, economic stability, and healthy online competition provide the best environment for businesses to grow and thrive digitally."

Joshua Ugboh, Digital & Ecommerce Manager stated that "Online shopping is slowly but steadily putting an end to the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront," he continued, "and it's time to see it as an opportunity to expand its product offerings and digital channels in the United States."

He reiterated that the dwindling rate of footfalls in brick-and-mortar stores as a result of economic challenges such as flood, security, power, bad roads, and economy recession have subjected many brands in Nigeria to start looking beyond the physical stores, and AFA Sports is looking to take the lead in this digital transformation.

AFA Sports has launched its premium hoodie collection "NSIBIDI," which will be available in the United States in December, 2022.

  unisex collection in Nigeria


This classic hoodie brings attention to our history and highlights a beautiful list of African languages in their art form.

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