Nigeria’s foremost sportswear brand, AFA Sports, recently concluded its partnership deal with the international Nigeria-born model, Ololade Ibrahim in furtherance of Africa culture and brand.
This development adds to the portfolio of the 23-year-old Nigerian born model, who has modeled for universal fashion brands including Armani, Off-White, Nike, Thom Browne, Each Other, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and many more. She has also been on the runway for Adidas, Victoria Beckham, Bulgari, Sergio Rossi, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and covered popular fashion magazines including Vogue, Town & Country and Lampoon among others.
According to the Chief Executive Officer of Afa Sports, Ugo Udezue, the company is excited to work with Ololade whose Nigerian background not only confirms the abundance of talent herein but consolidates the brand’s mission to project the originality, creativity, and uniqueness of the African culture to the rest of the world.
“We are excited to work with Ololade. Her pedigree in the fashion industry speaks for itself and her roots bring originality to our concepts,” he said.
Speaking on this recent milestone, Ms. Ibrahim expressed happiness at the opportunity to be a part of a solely indigenous outfit, noting that she could not be prouder to showcase to the world clothing that represents her African roots.
Her words, “Afa Sports has done Nigeria proud and I am happy to be a part of this great achievement. I have been on the international scene but doing this for my own indigenous brand attaches a sense of belonging to it”
She added also that she is especially impressed by the fact that the apparel caters to the form and feel of the African climate with a look that is all style and comfort.
“Their collections and designs are comfortable and eco-friendly. It is everyone’s brand with everything from stylish jackets to casual fixtures. Being a part of this coming from a country where I was born and raised is huge.”
Afa Sports is an indigenous brand vested in the design, production, marketing, and sales of athleisure outfits as well as sneakers.
The company has been keenly promoting the African culture through all its products as it believes that Africa has the potential to counterbalance other continents in every ramification.