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About us

AFA Sports is a pan-African sports merchandise manufacturing company and athleisure brand dedicated to amplifying the role of the continent in sports in a global context.
AFA Sports carefully crafts their products to reflect the African environment and culture, creating sportswear and equipment that is created with the dedicated athlete in mind, allowing them to optimise their performance.
In 2016, co-founder Ugo Udezue realised that due to the lack of air-conditioning systems in basketball gyms throughout Africa, players found it difficult to catch the slippery balls whilst playing. Inspired by the unique problem, he designed a basketball that could absorb sweat making it easier for the player to grip and maneuver the ball and essentially taking their playing abilities to the next level.

AFA Sports’ commitment to organic innovation within the context of the African market has made them one of the leading sportswear and equipment manufacturers on the continent. Working diligently to develop products that contribute positively to the advancement of sports in Africa. From the choice of fabric to colour selection and texture, AFA prides itself on procuring only the highest quality, premium offerings which allow their products to compete comfortably with those from their international counterparts.

Since their inception, AFA Sports has contributed significantly to the growth of the African economy by developing an industry and therefore creating jobs for Africa’s growing labour force, as well as creating business opportunities for emerging markets.  Manufacturing, traditionally associated with structural change in developing countries, has played a marked role in Africa’s development and as companies like AFA Sports continue to expand, so will it continue to do so.

Born in Africa, AFA aims to have a global impact and create a sportswear brand that is driven by innovation and is designed to have impact.

Price Plus Quality.

Made To Suit You.

Saving You Time.

What we do

AFA Sports prides itself on being what Africa has to offer by way of premium sportswear. All products are designed in Africa to cater for our consumers and sports fans globally. We aim to create innovative and stylish designs created to suit the individual needs of athletes and motivate them to play at their very best. For those looking for leisurewear, we aspire to bring you exclusive products that are comfortable, affordable and practical.

International delivery.

All of our products are available for fast, reliable and affordable international delivery.

Great Selection.

Grab the chance to browse a wide variety of premium sports and leisure goods straight out of Africa that don’t compromise on style, quality and that are created with innovative, cutting- edge design technology.

For the Culture.

Our products are created for both athletes and leisure seekers who desire premium apparel with a taste of African culture. Created by us, for us and ready to distribute globally, AFA Sports is the first of its kind.


We believe in the benefits of meaningful collaboration and see the value in working together with other major organisations to achieve common goals and disrupt the status quo of the sports and sports apparel industry across Africa and around the world. We are a reliable, pioneering brand that can guarantee positive results if you partner with us.

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